Bombarded With Offers Of Credit And Loans Before Your Bankruptcy Is Even Discharged? They May Actually Be Useful

Individuals usually file under either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code. Chapter 7 is usually a short process and can be over within three to five months. Chapter 13, however, can take up to three to five years to get through the process. However, you're probably going to be bombarded with offers of credit card companies, loan companies, and auto salesman—all of whom are eager to help you on your way back up the credit ladder—starting with the day you first file your bankruptcy claim. Read More 

The Pros And Cons Of Being Forced To Get Rid Of Credit Cards In Chapter 7

One thing you might not realize about Chapter 7 bankruptcy is that it requires that you list all open accounts you have, including credit cards with zero balances. You cannot simply not list a credit card in hopes that you will be able to keep it, and this is something that can be bothersome to some people. There are pros and cons with this, though, and you should fully understand this before filing. Read More