The Bankruptcy Decision And Understanding The Consequences

Debt can put anyone in a sticky situation. Most want to be responsible for their debts and feel guilty about declaring bankruptcy. It can be difficult to know when the time is right for filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy, but waiting too long is not a good idea either. This is no time for speculation and guesses. Read on to find out what's at stake with your bankruptcy decision. Seek Expert Guidance Read More 

Foreclosure And Tenants: Don’t Assume You Have No Say

While foreclosures are no longer happening at the rate they did during the recession, they still continue at a relatively steady pace. Caught between the banks or investors and the former owners, the home's tenants may have been paying their rent on time and in full only to find that their housing situation has been turned upside down. If you are a renter in just such a predicament, you need to see a lawyer such as James Alan Poe, P. Read More