How To Go From Bankruptcy To A Positive Credit Score

If you have recently gone through bankruptcy, it may feel as if you are never going to see the light at the end of that long financial tunnel. However, the truth is that you have been given a clean slate. It's up to you now to make sure you turn that clean slate into a positive credit rating. Follow the tips in this article to improve your credit rating as quickly as possible:

Pay every bill on time: Once you go through bankruptcy, you want to make sure you pay every single bill on time. This is a crucial time for your credit and a late payment on a bill can quickly turn into a ding on your report.

Get a secured credit card: You want to get a secured credit card. This is a credit card, but you will secure it by putting money into your account ahead of time. This makes the card an easy one for you to get approved for. Make sure you go with a card company that reports to all three major credit scoring companies.

Join a credit monitoring service: You want to keep a close eye on your credit so you can catch any false claims as they appear. Joining a credit monitoring service will allow you to view your credit report when you want and get alerts sent to you when something changes. 

Watch the inquiries: You don't want to apply for a lot of credit cards, loans, or anything else that's going to leave inquiries on your credit report. A collection of inquiries will have negative repercussions on your credit score.

Get a line of credit: Check with your bank to see if they will offer you a personal line of credit. Paying off the loan will help you to establish positive marks on your credit report and help raise your score faster.

Live within your means: While you want to start establishing good credit again, you don't want to spread your finances too thin. Start slowly and make sure you can handle the bills you already have before you add more to the pot.

Build long-lasting financial relationships: Long-lasting relationships with companies, such as credit card providers will prove to be helpful at raising your credit score.

By following the advice provided above, you will see your credit score rise in no time at all. Also, a bankruptcy attorney, like Sever Law Office, may have more tips to help you out.